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The startup economy is worth trillions of dollars but a large majority of these startups and small businesses do not yet have the resources or access to the technological advancements of blockchain technology and the benefits that smart contracts provide.

The Smart Startup Token (SMRT) is the gateway to smart contracts for startups and small businesses.

Think of a vending machine that dispenses templates of smart contracts with a row for business formation, a row for intellectual property, a row for funding, a row for trading etc. Choose your template, insert your token, and get going on filling in the contract or engaging an expert to help you.

The SMRT project is to create this vending machine and the user interface to turn the templates into executable contracts. We are focused on the clearly defined ecosystem of startups and small businesses, providing automatically enforced contracts that enable them to trade and function.

The technology offers some very exciting opportunities but as legislators internationally, we must also make sure that consumers have trust in it. Blockchain and smart contracts will be a game changer for startups.

Syed Kamall, Member of the European Parliament
Regulatory Advisor to the SMRT Project

Our smart contract templates will cover basic contractual areas that startups and small businesses encounter such as shareholder and intellectual property agreements. More excitingly however, they will also cover finance and trading agreements in the way the Ethereum blockchain was originally designed for. Peer to Peer finance, in lending and equity, of the type Funding Circle and CrowdCube participate in, can be rolled into smart contracts.

Established trading marketplaces such as eBay or Gumtree could benefit enormously from our smart contracts, as buyers and sellers will have automatically enforced agreements to transfer money for goods. They also open the way for many more new decentralised marketplaces, where the smart contracts are the enforcements of trade. Small businesses would be able to buy bundles of our smart contract templates to facilitate their sell/buy trades.

Making blockchain technology accessible

Phase 1 Market Research & Awareness Campaigns Completed

We have completed our market research and awareness campaigns as part of our Pre-ICO and are currently on-boading equity investors.

Below is the roadmap post Crowdsale

  • Crowdsale completion
  • SMRT platform development
  • Additional SMRT smart contracts development
  • SMRT Blockchain Explorer v.1
  • SMRT token exchange listings – ongoing
  • SMRT network developer API
  • The SMRT wallet v.1
  • Blockchain events, partnership building and strategic networking – ongoing
  • Delivery and integration of SMRT token and contracts to committed platforms
  • Whitelabel SMRT wallet – for integration with third party platforms
  • Recruit new platforms and marketplaces as providers of SMRT smart contracts
  • Establish network of customisation specialists to service platforms
  • Marketing/promotional global strategy and implementation

The Smart Startup team are highly skilled and experienced in running successful businesses. They have a wide variety of talent, connections and expertise in blockchain, AI, entrepreneurship, funding, intellectual property, government and regulation. Giving SMRT a very solid base.

Some team members are working in an advisory capacity, while holding down high profile jobs in industry, government and academia. Others are working full time to build the infrastructure of a world leading company. Upon completion of the ICO, the team will be expanding to bring onboard in-house software developers, lawyers and finance specialists, building an internal infrastructure and one to manage our partners.

Simon Krystman
Entrepreneur and Founder
Simon is a passionate entrepreneur who has successfully set up a number of businesses in the digital and innovation space over the past twenty years; most recently launching a suite of products for startups and early stage companies. These revolve around intellectual property, crowdfunding and network building. He is a Cryptocurrency enthusiast with early investments in Bitcoin and is evangelical about the potential of blockchain to revolutionise the way we interact and build trust.

Prof Alan Barrell
Alternative Finance, Formerly Entrepreneur in Residence Judge Business School
Alan has worked as Chairman and Chief Executive of large multi-national companies and smaller technology start-ups. He teaches in Universities in the UK, Europe, North America and Asia with Professorships in European and Chinese Universities. He has raised and managed a Venture Capital Fund and, is a Business Angel Investor and Trustee of charities. His current work is focussed heavily on the development of UK-China Trade and Relationships including cross-continental investment. Most recently appointed Chairman of a 3billion RMB Chinese Technology Venture Fund. Alan promotes the vision of “A World Without Borders”.

Dr Syed Kamall, MEP
Government and Regulation
Syed is a Member of the European Parliament and a Blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast. He has hosted international Blockchain events such as: The Virtual Currencies and Blockchain Exhibition held at the European Parliament, which was attended by the World Bank, IMF, OECD, Bank for International Settlements, Europol, and the United Nations (UNICRI). Syed is a keen advocate of the right type of regulation in the space. He recently spoke about Blockchain and cryptocurrencies at Innov8 Europe 2017, where he gave his thoughts on appropriate regulatory framework for this emerging technology.

Prof Glen Parry
Blockchain and ICO
Glen is the Professor of Strategy and Operations Management at Bristol Business School. As a leader of the 9 million Euro European Integrated Logistics for Innovative Product Technologies project (ILIPT), Glen is well versed in managing innovation. He has become increasingly well versed with the disruptive nature of blockchains, cryptocurrencies and ICO’s.

Kelsey Paulding
ICO and regulation
Kelsey is an APA at the European Parliament. With both a commercial and academic background in finance and her close positioning to European regulators, Kelsey brings a unique blend to the teams strategic focus of working within the regulatory framework. The balance between the current and future ICO regulations is an area SMRT is highly focused on, in order to deliver investor confidence.

Flint Sperber
Economic Model
Flint is a highly respected and experienced derivatives trader who was Head of Energy Options at Credit Agricole and Head of the Commodity Trading Desk at Mitsubishi UFJ Securities. Flint is a cryptocurrencies sceptic so is ideally placed to help us develop our economic model and views of the marketplace.

John Nevard
Intellectual Property
John has been working in Intellectual Property for nearly 30 years and has experience in all major aspects of IP – freedom to operate risk assessment, strategies for protection, IP transfer from licensing to M&A, multi jurisdictional enforcement & defence, knowledge management and culture change. John’s experience will be invaluable in creating our smart contract templates.

Maria Kolitsida
Artificial Intelligence
Maria is highly experienced in strategy and innovation, based on emerging technologies and scientific trends. She leverages the combination of science and technology to create new methods and tools to deliver business value to organisations. Her work focuses on the application of cognitive neuroscience and artificial intelligence solutions in organisational behaviour. She leads innovative and multidisciplinary research programmes in the fields of cognitive computing, social neuroscience, neurolinguistics and behavioural analytics.

David Blair
Legal, Compliance and Regulation Advisor
David has held senior roles in legal firms, heading financial regulation, advising the UK Crowdfunding Association and other European Crowdfunding Networks, before setting up his own practice to focus on the alternative investment markets.

Anne Cantelo
PR and Communications
Anne is founder of Onyx Media and Communications and co-founder of the Global Collective, a network of boutique PR agencies. She has more than 30 years’ experience of communications for UK, other European and American based organisations. Her previous roles include policy adviser in the Cabinet Office. Onyx has supported startups to international pharmaceuticals and challenger banks. However Onyx focus primarily on tech, business services and the public sector. Anne has ghost written many articles on blockchain for the UK media.

The core of our company is the marriage of legal agreements with blockchain software code, supported by data science and AI. Our key partners represent this core and employ leading practitioners in their respective domains.

Blockchain, financial and
emerging technology.

We are partnering with DataArt to deliver our technical architecture and our suite of SMRT smart contracts.

Legal, commercial, intellectual property
and technology.

We are partnering with Shoosmiths to deliver the legal agreements and contracts side of our smart contracts.

Artificial Intelligence
and Data Science.

We are partnering with these leading AI and Data Science specialists and engineers to deliver true innovation to smart contracts.

Frequently asked questions

What are SMRT tokens?
SMRT tokens are ERC-20 tokens distributed on the Ethereum blockchain.

I don’t have any Ethereum, can I contribute with any other cryptocurrency?
Yes, you can also contribute with Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC) and via Bank Transfer.

If I contribute with Litecoin will I receive SMRT to my Litecoin address?
No, you will have to add your ERC20 compatible wallet once you have registered and logged in. The SMRT Tokens will then be sent to that address.

Can I send ETH funds from exchanges such as Coinbase or Poloniex?
No, please do not do this as you will not receive your SMRT tokens. You have to send ETH funds from your personal Ethereum wallets like MyEtherWallet, Metamask, Parity, Mist or Ledger (hardware wallet).

How will I receive my SMRT tokens once I contribute?
Your SMRT tokens will be attached to your Ethereum address. Please ensure you have a ERC20 compatible wallet.

Do you have a Telegram group?
We currently do not have a Telegram group. Please report to us if anyone states there is a Telgram group for SMRT. You can always contact us using the “Contact Support” link below.

Why have the SMRT token and not just use Ethereum or Bitcoin?
SMRT is a utility token designed to fit our particular type of smart contracts. It will be used within the SMRT platform as the gateway to our smart contracts. Other cryptocurrencies would not allow us to interface with our smart contract templates as seamlessly. Also, creating our own token allows us to ensure the growth and focus is directly correlated with our services and business model and not based on external factors relating to another coin/token.

What exchanges will list SMRT tokens?
At present, we are unable to post a guaranteed list of all the exchanges we will work with, as multiple contacts
are in progress right now. The exact number of exchanges we are going to be listed on is yet to be confirmed.

Why can’t U.S. or Chinese citizens, residents or entities purchase SMRT tokens?
Please note that you are not eligible and you are not to purchase any tokens in the token sale if:
(a) you are located in the People’s Republic of China or if you are a citizen or resident (tax or otherwise) of, or domiciled in, the People’s Republic of China;
(b) you are located in the United States of America or if you are a citizen, resident (tax or otherwise) or green card holder of, or domiciled in, the United States of America; or
(c) such token sale is prohibited, restricted or unauthorized in any form or manner whether in full or in part
under the laws, regulatory requirements or rules in the jurisdiction in which you are located, at the time of your intended purchase or purchase of the SMRT tokens in the token sale.

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